Please explore the work I do, and why I do it. I've accompanied dozens of people through the end of life, and served as a caregiver for hundreds. Each and every individual was different, and my role shifted with each client's personality, needs, and dreams, and the unique alchemy of our connection. The descriptions below are overall guidelines, but I expect to tailor my services with every client. (It's part of what I love about my vocation.) Please contact me directly, or sign up for a complimentary phone consultation, if you'd like more information.


Sarah is honored to work with individuals at vulnerable moments in life. She has experienced the depth of richness that graces times of vulnerability, not only in sorrow, loss, and grief, but also in laughter, light-heartedness, and liberation.



I've piggy-backed off the concept of a birth doula, so folks can have an idea of what kind of care I provide. All over, professional "death doulas" are becoming more prevalent; but, like birth doulas, we have always been around. Holistic, creative, down-to-earth, logistical, spiritual, caring, client-centered support through transitions and ultimately, death.


Funeral homes aren't the right path for everyone. Many people don't know that we have a right to care for our own if we want to. For those who want it, keeping a loved one's body at home, "caring for one's own," and having more ownership over rituals, care, and remembrance ceremonies, can be a beautifully intimate and sacred experience. I'm here to empower individuals and loved ones to enact this right.


Sarah is currently attending school to become a massage therapist, and will become licensed and able to practice in the summer of 2017. She was inspired to pursue massage therapy by experiencing the profound effect touch can have with those who are dying. Sarah's seen that many times it is the last shared, sensual experience between loved ones; and believes touch can relay presence and love. She's experienced herself--as "receiver" and "giver," though those terms limit us--the healing that can arise when touch is skilled, therapeutic, intentional, and empowering.

Her particular interests in the massage field lie at the intersection of how mental, emotional, and spiritual health show up in the physical body; how systemic justice issues are imprinted in our bodies; and how empowerment and holistic healing can take part in the shared space of client and therapist. Her work with the dying has shaped her style of bodywork--it's simple, kind, respectful, and intuitive, and above all else, she values holding space for every unique being who shows up.

Sarah dreams of one day becoming a somatic experiencing therapist, furthering her education and scope of practice to meld talk therapy and bodywork.