mind-body work with holding space together

I call mind-body sessions, "doula sessions.” What is a doula session?

Doula sessions are comprised of of holistic, individualized support around transition, change, loss, positive shifts, aging, illness, grief, or death (yours or a beloved's). Sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes. We will incorporate care and integration for your mind, body, and soul. I call these supported mind-body sessions “doula sessions,” because I believe that everyone deserves the special care and support a doula provides, not only when physically birthing or dying, but throughout all the little and big “births” and “deaths” of our lives. We are, after all, constantly in flux—and being embodied here in life is not easy business.

We'll use a variety of approaches (whatever speaks to you, with guidance from me) to hold space for your pain & joy, honor your resilience, tap into your own innate groundedness, and delve into how emotions & spiritual events manifest in the body.

This is also a time to ask questions about pursuing ongoing doula services, consult me about home funerals and other end-of-life preparations, or develop integrated logistical & self-care game-plans around upcoming or current transitions.

Perhaps you're not sure if you want to jump into continued doula services--this could be a good way to dip your toes in the water. Or, maybe you need a little extra boost of care and support in dealing with a transition life is presenting you with.

These sessions are for anybody--not just those who are sick or coming to the end of life. We are all touched by loss, transition (even welcome transition and positive change needs attention), growth, and grief in our daily lives. These sessions are meant to bolster & draw attention to the innate wisdom and resilience that already live within you.

Here is a video in which I explain a little more about what doula sessions can look like. Enjoy!


1640 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009 -- 2nd floor -- when you exit stairs or elevator on the second floor, turn left and go past the desk towards the hall. Then you'll see a Little Bird sign on the door--you've made it!

I work out of Little Bird Community Acupuncture (a fabulous community clinic with shared values), within the Festival Center, in Adams Morgan, DC.

I work during Little Bird's off hours, so we'll have the treatment room to ourselves. The building is secure and once in awhile, the front door is locked. If that happens, please call up to Little Bird using the call box to the right of the front door, or text me at 612-597-2110. If I don't respond right away, it means I'm in a session with another client and I'll be with you shortly!

The space is fully wheelchair and walker accessible.

At this point, I cannot accommodate house calls, unfortunately.


When you click “Book Now” at the top or bottom of this page, you will get linked to a calendar with my availability.

How much $?

I value offering as much accessibility to my services as I can, so I have a self-determined sliding scale for 60-min doula sessions. Simply pay what you can. I depend on clients who can afford it to pay at the high end of the scale, so I can continue to offer the sliding scale.

60-min doula session: $30-$80
90-min doula session: $100

sliding scale doula sessions:
Joseph's House and Christ House residents, and L'Arche core members (starting at $0, pay what you can, self-determined)

I only accept payment in person, with cash, check, or Venmo (@Sarah-Hoops). I do not accept credit or debit cards.