"Deafhood v.2" by Nancy Rourke

"Deafhood v.2" by Nancy Rourke


I've learned so much from the Deaf community. I became intensely interested in ASL and Deaf culture as a young hearing child. I begged my mother to take me to the library again and again, so I could check out books and videotapes about Deaf culture and ASL. As an undergraduate, I transferred to Gallaudet University in my senior year, because I had exhausted the ASL classes at my college. At Gallaudet, I focused my studies on Deaf Studies and Deaf Bioethics. I created an independent study to pursue deeper work in Deaf Bioethics and to assist my professor in her work as a Deaf activist in the field of Philosophy and as an advisor to the NAD. My experience of the Deaf community and at Gallaudet has informed my way of being ever since. I am so grateful.

As a hearing person in solidarity with the Deaf community, and an ally committed to working against audism in the end-of-life and bodywork fields (and elsewhere), it is an honor to offer my services to Deaf folks and their loved ones. I sign; I've been immersed in Deaf culture; and I've been exposed to cultural norms, the joys of Deaf gain, and the challenges of structural and individual audism. I'm excited to be able to accompany Deaf, deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals from many different walks of life in their own healing journeys.

Most of all, my aim with regard to the Deaf community is this: I seek with humility to offer space for Deaf-led deathcare, funerals, and bodywork sessions. I'd like to simply offer the support and information needed to enable easeful, graceful experiences, and then step back and simply hold space, so folks I work with to feel empowered to do things in their own way.

If you are D/deaf or Hard of Hearing, and interested in my services, I encourage you to contact me. I can meet in person in the DMV area, and am also available for contact through video chat, email, texting, or phone through VRS.