illness & end of life doula services

Ongoing, home-based doula services (the typical doula structure) center around holistic, individualized care. Please email me if you'd like to learn more--as the doula relationship will be determined by your specific needs & desires, it will change for each client, but here are some examples of what my services can include:

  • companionship for individuals and loved ones at all stages of life: when aging, through illness, through times of uncertainty, through celebration, through grief and loss, through the end of life

  • accompaniment at home, in care facilities, around town, to appointments, traveling, activities

  • holding space during the processes of aging, through illness treatment and maybe through the active dying process; bringing a sense of ease, groundedness and experience to the room

  • listening deeply

  • developing caring relationships with, advocating for, and promoting ease for elders in care facilities when families are busy and/or far

  • helping folks to parse out dreams at the end of life and before; and then pursuing them together, with fearlessness!

  • helping with mundane tasks that can allow time for families and communities to maximize quality time together

  • assisting families with rituals; fostering mindfulness and intentionality during life transitions; helping with funerals if needed

  • offering information about local resources, to support families in making informed decisions around aging, treatment plans for those experiencing illness, life & death decisions

  • showing up with an open mind and the flexibility to meet the needs at hand

  • consistent on-call support for individuals and their families; calm, dependable presence & if desired, facilitation with decision-making in emergencies

  • around-the-clock presence at the time of active dying

  • advocating skillfully, compassionately & fiercely within medical, social, religious, legal spheres

  • attentively getting to know folks' community, to be able to discern humbly how to respond in different situations

  • projects like life reviews, art, story recording, and other ways folks want to process and preserve a legacy

  • developing loving relationships in which individuals can feel truly seen

  • holding space for empowerment and decision-making, using mindfulness to keep my own reactivity and "internal agenda" at bay

  • spiritual support such as sharing in prayer or meditation, or creating & participating in rituals together

  • working in collaboration with other care providers, healthcare teams, hospice and families, to monitor care and symptoms

  • skilled physical care such as bathing, changing, lifting, aspects of daily living; teaching families "tricks of the trade" so loved ones can develop confidence providing care & advocating for themselves and loved ones

  • supporting the family so they can bathe and dress their loved one's body after death, with gentle and loving care

  • creating a physical atmosphere of tranquility

  • all my services are rooted in a foundation of presence above all else; whatever task is at hand--they are variant and unpredictable--I aim to do it with a kind, compassionate, open presence

Pricing and scheduling for doula services:

My aim is to support as much access to my services as possible—to do this, I have a sliding scale of cost for my services of $30-$60/hour. This is based upon client need, and is self-determined. I depend on clients who can to pay at the high end of the spectrum, so I can continue to offer the sliding scale. For scheduling availability, please contact me directly.