A beloved client and me. She has since passed. Photo courtesy of photographer Logan Mock-Bunting and Joseph's House.

A beloved client and me. She has since passed. Photo courtesy of photographer Logan Mock-Bunting and Joseph's House.


grounding, holistic support through difficult times; calm, experienced presence; support for individuals, families, caregivers & communities; empowerment & communication; bold pursuit of dreams at all stages of life

What the heck is a doula for the aging, ill, living & dying??  Please see FAQs & Resources.

Along with the typical continued doula support, I also now offer 60- and 90- minute "doula sessions" at the clinic where I do massage in Adams Morgan. These sessions are comprised of of holistic, client-centered support around transition, change, loss, positive shifts, aging, illness, grief, or death (yours or a beloved's). We'll use a variety of approaches (whatever speaks to you, with guidance from me) to hold space for your pain, honor your resiliency, tap into your own innate groundedness, and delve into how emotions & spiritual events manifest in the body. This is also a time to ask questions about pursuing ongoing doula services, consult me about home funerals and other end-of-life preparations, or develop integrated logistical & self-care game-plans around upcoming or current transitions. Perhaps you're not sure if you want to jump into continued doula services--this could be a good way to dip your toes in the water. Or, maybe you need a little extra boost of care and support in dealing with a transition life is presenting you with.

These sessions are for anybody--not just those who are sick or coming to the end of life. We are all touched by loss, transition (even welcome transition and positive change needs attention), growth, and grief in our daily lives. These sessions are meant to bolster & draw attention to the innate wisdom and resiliency that already lives within you.

Book a "doula session" by clicking on the link below. You won't need to pay when you book--please pay in person using cash, check, or Venmo (I don't accept credit or debit). Thank you--I look forward to holding space together.

sliding scale pricing: Similar to how I my massage pricing works, I have a pay-what-you-can system for all clients who need it. The sliding scale applies to 60-min "doula sessions," and I ask for the baseline amount below if affordable. Otherwise, please pay what you can (starting at $0). For ongoing doula services, let's discuss a pricing game-plan in person. We'll factor in what's affordable for you, what kind of support is needed, and my availability, and determine pricing that works for us.

single doula session pricing

60-min doula session -- $60 if affordable, otherwise, pay-what-you-can

90-min doula session -- $90

ongoing doula service (the "typical" doula approach) pricing

baseline cost is $50/hr if affordable, otherwise, we'll work out an affordable plan together; I recommend meeting in larger chunks of time, around 4 hours each

{I'm committed to providing as much accessibility to my services as I can. Please contact me to discuss pricing options and care needs. Since the needs of every individual and family vary so much, we can work out a specific structure that provides the necessary services and not the unnecessary ones; at a price that works for both of us. Please don't hesitate to contact me, regardless of your financial situation.}

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Ongoing doula services:

Ongoing doula services (the typical set-up for doula services) center around holistic, individualized care. Please email me if you'd like to learn more--as the doula relationship will be determined by your specific needs & desires, it will change for each client, but here are some examples of what my services can include:

  • companionship for individuals and loved ones at all stages of life: when aging, through illness, through times of uncertainty, through celebration, through grief and loss, through the end of life

  • accompaniment at home, in care facilities, around town, to appointments, traveling, activities

  • holding space during the processes of aging, through illness treatment and maybe through the active dying process; bringing a sense of ease, groundedness and experience to the room

  • listening deeply

  • developing caring relationships with, advocating for, and promoting ease for elders in care facilities when families are busy and/or far

  • helping folks to parse out dreams at the end of life and before; and then pursuing them together, with fearlessness!

  • helping with mundane tasks that can allow time for families and communities to maximize quality time together

  • assisting families with rituals; fostering mindfulness and intentionality during life transitions; helping with funerals if needed

  • offering information about local resources, to support families in making informed decisions around aging, treatment plans for those experiencing illness, life & death decisions

  • showing up with an open mind and the flexibility to meet the needs at hand

  • consistent on-call support for individuals and their families; calm, dependable presence & if desired, facilitation with decision-making in emergencies

  • around-the-clock presence at the time of active dying

  • advocating skillfully, compassionately & fiercely within medical, social, religious, legal spheres

  • attentively getting to know folks' community, to be able to discern humbly how to respond in different situations

  • projects like life reviews, art, story recording, and other ways folks want to process and preserve a legacy

  • developing loving relationships in which individuals can feel truly seen

  • holding space for empowerment and decision-making, using mindfulness to keep my own reactivity and "internal agenda" at bay

  • spiritual support such as sharing in prayer or meditation, or creating & participating in rituals together

  • working in collaboration with other care providers, healthcare teams, hospice and families, to monitor care and symptoms

  • skilled physical care such as bathing, changing, lifting, aspects of daily living; teaching families "tricks of the trade" so loved ones can develop confidence providing care & advocating for themselves and loved ones

  • supporting the family so they can bathe and dress their loved one's body after death, with gentle and loving care

  • creating a physical atmosphere of tranquility

  • all my services are rooted in a foundation of presence above all else; whatever task is at hand--they are variant and unpredictable--I aim to do it with a kind, compassionate, open presence