Hi, I’m Sarah.

I love that my work stretches my capacity for connection in this world. Sharing space with folks in moments of vulnerability and strength, and bearing witness to clients' guts and grace, is a special privilege that I cherish with gratitude and joy.

Since childhood, I dreamt of doing work in which I could engage my full self, rather than being expected to siphon off my intellect or my spirit or my body.

I’ve worked as a professional direct caregiver in various settings for a decade. Most of this time was in my beloved hospice & healing community, Joseph’s House.

I am a graduate of the Metta Institute, an intensive, mindfulness-based program for end-of-life practitioners focused on developing capacities for offering wise and compassionate care.

When I experienced the power of touch was in caregiving, I decided to pursue bodywork at Potomac Massage Training Institute, with a special interest in supporting clients living in non-normative and marginalized bodies. In 2016, I started holding space together.

My professional interests include: working at the intersection of healing and justice; understanding ways oppression and trauma get stored in the body; somatic psychotherapy; Disability Justice; fostering radically body-affirming spaces; massage for mental health support; bioethics of caregiving.

When I’m not working for holding space together, you’ll find me napping next to my senior pup, Malakai; spending time in queer community; on campus at Gallaudet; or attempting all kinds of DIY projects.