Therapeutic Massage in Washington, DC

an adaptive session. most sessions are on the massage table, but we'll adapt massage to be most effective and comfortable for YOU.

an adaptive session. most sessions are on the massage table, but we'll adapt massage to be most effective and comfortable for YOU.

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What do I need to know about therapeutic massage with Sarah @ Holding Space Together?


1640 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009 -- 2nd floor

I work out of Little Bird Community Acupuncture (a fabulous community clinic with shared values), within the Festival Center, in Adams Morgan. 

I work during Little Bird's off hours, so we'll have the treatment room to ourselves. There is a comfy waiting room if you arrive early. The building is secure and when the Center is closed the door is locked, so I'll need to buzz you up. Just follow the Little Bird instructions posted by the entrance, about using the call box to the right of the door. Please call my cell if any questions or issues--612-597-2110--if I don't respond right away, either to the door or my cell, it means I'm in a session with another client and I'll be with you shortly!

The space is fully wheelchair- and walker-accessible.

If you can't reach the massage studio due to accessibility issues, but are interested in receiving massage, please contact me, and we'll figure it out! (I don't charge more for those who need to use other spaces, such as their own home, for access reasons. However, for others interested in house calls, I do charge quite a bit more. Please contact me for availability & details.)


I work Sundays 10:30a-3p, and Mondays 3:30p-8p.

Please reach out if you're interested in booking a massage, but can't make it during my set times. Just call, text, or email with your availability--let's make it work!


I value bodywork that's rooted in attentive listening, respect, and a clear, warm communication style (utilizing both language and perceptive touch). I'll ask about what you want and don't want from our session/s, really listen, and work creatively with you to give rise to your most healing and enjoyable style of session. My massages are definitely not "one-size-fits-all."

I combine Swedish and Deep Tissue, and sometimes incorporate basics of other modalities, too, such as stretching, movement-based therapies, and energy work. You choose what you want.

I can use either English or ASL as our primary language.

I particularly love creating adaptive, empowering sessions and working with those living in non-normative bodies--including, but definitely not limited to, Deaf, Disabled, Queer, and/or Sick folks, those of all body sizes and shapes, Survivors of Trauma, and Elders. I welcome everybody, and extend a special welcome those who don't feel affirmed in most bodywork spaces. 

My style is warm, welcoming, intuitive, mindful, and affirming of whoever a client is, and wherever they are at, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I encourage clients to consider continual sessions, to receive the benefits of massage most effectively. Even if it means paying less per session, I encourage you to consider your wellbeing and utmost healing in number of sessions, when figuring out your cost on my sliding scale--see below. To support clients in doing what's best for them is why I'm here, after all!

How much $?

I value accessibility to integrative healthcare. I believe everyone who wants it should have access to massage. Here's how the Holding Space Together sliding scale system works:

I have what I call "baseline" rates. (When you take into account that I do not accept tips, it adds up to slightly below market-rate for my practice area.) I keep the baseline amount, paying my own wages from it and taking care of necessary business costs. These rates are bolded:

1 hr massage -- pay what you can, $90, pay what you can

1.5 hr massage -- $120, pay what you can

When a client is able to, they may choose to pay any amount above the baseline rate. Any amount of $ above the baseline gets put into an "access pot." Then, I use $ from the "pot" to subsidize clients who can't afford the baseline. In this way, the more thriving my overall practice is, the more thriving my subsidized massage practice is.

The sliding scale is self-determined--you decide what you can afford, no questions asked.

Of course, if you can afford to donate any amount above baseline to the "access pot," I deeply appreciate and have faith in clients' spirit of generosity.

I never accept tipsRather, if a client wishes to show appreciation monetarily, I invite you to donate your "tip" to the "access pot." It would mean the world to me!

[Inside scoop & transparency. I painstakingly considered many different community business models, and finally decided to use a system in which at every massage, I keep a set, fair baseline amount for myself and my business. I believe that this will best empower my own personal and business sustainability. If you run a community-based/sliding scale small biz, especially a healing-centric one, I'd love to speak with you and share ideas/experiences.]

If it feels right for you, I look forward to working together!