doula sessions

Hey brilliant beings -- life is sometimes stormy for all of us, especially amidst chaos, violence and oppression. "Deaths"-- physical and otherwise --are part of our daily lives. I believe that loss & transition of all kinds, and even the shedding that comes with welcome growth, are all moments in which we deserve to be held with care & honored for our resiliency.

I've been noticing, in myself and others, a need for support in honoring the "non-death deaths" (made that one up myself ) that are happening almost constantly. Especially when they're painful, or complicated, I've found that having someone who's present and caring and intentional beside me helps me open my heart to myself. Sometimes I need help just carving out the time to go inwards.

I've thought about this a lot from the context of a caregiver & doula. In the spirit of vulnerability: there have been so many times when I've thought, gosh, I wish I didn't have to wait until I'm in crisis to get the kind of soul care I see my colleagues providing and that I aim to provide.

All this has led to my developing a new service for holding space together that I'm excited to announce: "doula sessions." These are 60- or 90- min sessions that you can book online. They're meant to make doula-style, holistic, pragmatic, creative & soul-centered care more accessible for EVERYONE. As always, with this commitment to accessibility comes a commitment to financial & physical accessibility, too.

If this idea sparks a little light on your body somehow, hope you'll consider booking a session with me! To do so, look at the menu above, and go to Services > Doula; all the information you need will be there.

love, sarah/holding space together

Ps. That picture is the view from the massage studio yesterday!

[Image description: a shot from a window with flowers on the ledge of a big storm, raining hard and blowing a tree all around strongly.]

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